Ghana Signs unto the Consultative International Cashew Council (CICC)

On the 5th June 2017, the Republic of Ghana represented by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), signed unto the Consultative International Cashew Council (CICC).

CICC is an international organization with legal capacity and financial autonomy responsible for promoting the sustainable development of cashew in the world. Established on the 18th November, 2016 in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, the CICC aims to create a consultation framework and synergies between member states for a sustainable cashew sector. Ghana has accompanied the process for establishment of the CICC and thus hosted the first consultation meeting in Accra in April 2016.

Today, Ghana joins this movement, which will create a unique platform for facilitating and regulating activities in the cashew industy,  among not only governments in the cashew producing  countries, but also the private sector and all actors in  the cashew value chain.

ACA represents the cashew industry private sector in Africa and works closely with the CICC as a member and lead facilitator of the commission for the promotion and development of the private sector of the Council. To strengthen this collaboration, ACA will further bridge the gap between the cashew private sector and the Council by engaging the public sector organizations in private sector advocacy actions.  It will also contribute to the implementation of projects and provide advisory services for key areas of the value chain in relation to private sector development in member countries.