Introduction to the Expert Directory

What is the purpose of an expert database?

  • Create an Africa-wide network of cashew experts
  • Increase the transparency of services available in the cashew sector
  • Facilitate access to services across the cashew supply chain
  • Provide quality assurance of cashew expert services

How does the database work?

Benefits of Registering: 

  • Experts will join a group of experienced professionals working within the cashew industry
  • Access to contact information and professional data for cashew experts across the world
  • Identify experts that match project or company needs
  • Ability to offer your expertise and services to the industry

Only ACA Members or Experts in the database will be allowed access to the directory. If you would like to become a member of ACA, please visit our page here, or if you would like to become a registered Cashew Expert, please visit our page here